OPUS AIR all road camping trailer


  • Steel wheels

  • Roofing

  • Built-in electric pump for inflation

  • Lots of extra items at the off-road


  • Fixed double beds with privacy inner tents

  • Synthetic leather Club Lounge as additional double bed


  • Kitchen with table

  • Double burner gas hob

  • Stainless steel sink with glass lid

  • Work surface Chest of drawers + storage table


  • Removable portable toilet


  • Built-in heater (230V)


  • Sockets: 3-pin, 12v and 230v & USB + power LED

  • LED lighting: 12v powered and dimmable


A complete and comfortable interior

The interior of the OPUS has everything for blissful camping, for a weekend getaway, or for longer stays. The interior is functional, accessible, luxurious and finished to the highest quality.

An OPUS offers space for the whole family

An OPUS has 2 fixed double beds, with separate inner tents. The Lounge seating area can also be converted into a double bed.  This way you can sleep 6 people, expandable to 10.

Plenty of space and light
Inside the OPUS, you have a pleasant, open and spacious feeling, with plenty of light.  After all, there are windows, skylights, LED lighting and an interior height of almost 2.5 metres.

Cooking in style
OPUS has a perfectly functioning kitchen with fridge, two gas hobs, sink and microwave. After all, you deserve good food on holiday too.

Seating area
Everyone can sit comfortably together on comfortable leatherette chairs at a removable table.

Other features of the OPUS include:

  • 12v & 230v electrics
  • Stainless steel sink with running water and glass lid
  • Two burner gas hob with glass lid
  • Worktop with drawer unit
  • 3-way fridge in cupboard
  • Portable toilet / storage
  • Electric heating


As standard, the OPUS has a double bed at each end, so sleeps 4. An extra double bed can be made by converting the Lounge seat. Optionally, you can buy an additional awning, with room for 2 sleeping areas, this is 4 more people who can sleep there. This space can be individually adapted.


Rain or sunshine, the OPUS will take you anywhere

An OPUS campervan is a durable, sturdy and user-friendly campervan, with minimum weight.

Ease of use

You can open and close an OPUS on your own, thanks to the gas springs. When closing, a ribbed rubber seal around the rim prevents water from entering.

Fully insulated

The strong but lightweight outer wall consists of fully insulated aluminium panels (double-walled). The floor is waterproof – consists of vinyl.

Light but safe

The chassis is a lightweight aluminium A-frame that meets European type approval. The Opus is also equipped with overrun brakes, which are used automatically during braking for safe towing.


Heavy-duty canvas.



Overall length (closed) incl. drawbar 430cm
Overall width 201cm
Length inside (main section) 283cm
Interior width (main section) 188cm
Towing height 120cm
Wheels 185/70 R13
Overall length (built up) 580cm
Overall height (built up) 275cm
Inside height (max.) 244cm
Bed size 1 190cm x 140cm
Bed size 2 190cm x 140cm
Awning width (optional) 600cm
Awning depth (optional) 240cm


Total Weight (TG) 800 kg
Maximum Permissible Technical Loading Weight (MTTL) 900/1050/1250/1500Kg
MTTL – TG = Weight Capacity 100/250/450/700Kg
Roof load capacity (depending on roof rack load capacity) 75Kg
Maximum coupling head load (drawbar load) 75kg